Why is Home-Based Addiction Treatment So Effective?

There are several advantages of home-based addiction treatment


Denial is a common symptom of addiction. Denial tells the addict that he or she doesn’t have such a significant problem that requires treatment, that he is still in control of his substance use, that he or she is drinking because of some outside issues and that needs to be addressed first.


In the UK, admissions at a right rehab are not easy to get immediately. When the access is subsequently scheduled, the alcoholic may change his mind, or it may be too late.


The home detox is carried out by trained medical professionals and a certified therapist. After a risk assessment, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication to reduce the discomfort and risk associated with withdrawal symptoms.


While a stay in rehab isolates you from your normal activities, home-based addiction treatment allows the individual to carry on most of his or her regular activities.


Staying at home during recovery is far more comforting.


Rehabs can be very expensive. We offer detox and treatment plans that are far more affordable, not adding financial burden to an already stressful situation.


Your treatment is carried out in the privacy of your home with no adverse impact of your medical records on your job or career.

Continued care

Addiction is a chronic, highly relapse-prone condition. The individual is highly vulnerable during the initial days of sobriety. It is critical that, he or she gets the support of a professional therapist to minimise chances of relapse.


We have been helping alcoholics since its inception in 2002. Our evidence-based model has proven to be highly effective with a high recovery rate. It is culturally sensitive and gender-specific.

Some Unique Benefits of the Addictions UK therapy programs

Though addiction may be the common factor, each individual is different. Each client has unique experiences, belief system and cultural background.

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We specialise in Detox at Home and Addiction Treatments. We use medically qualified staff located throughout the UK who are supported by accredited councillors.