Shame and regret

Learning from our past and letting go of shame

The pain of regret

Make responsible amends

Focus on what is in your control

Discover your assets and apply them daily

  • Courage — It takes courage to change an ingrained habit. To embrace life without the substance that is causing significant harm and dulling the pain, and facing your fears head-on takes courage.
  • Honesty — To admit daily that your alcohol or other substances are an issue for you and will never be within your control is an example of honesty.
  • Open-minded — To ask for help and to be open to guidance shows you are open-minded. By turning up daily for your therapeutic sessions and peer, support groups, we remain teachable and therefore, open-minded.

Start your new life today!



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We specialise in Detox at Home and Addiction Treatments. We use medically qualified staff located throughout the UK who are supported by accredited councillors.