Do Recovering Addicts Make Good Therapists?

“You keep what you have by giving it away”, as often quoted in AA literature.

Recovering Addicts as Addiction Therapists

Alcoholics and addicts who have managed to get into recovery have the first-hand experience of addiction, which gives them a unique insight into the way an addict thinks and behaves.

Some reasons why recovering addicts make good therapists:

  • Recovering addicts (or alcoholics) are equipped with empathy and understanding that is unmatched in those who have never been drug addicts or alcoholics
  • They can establish a positive counsellor-client relationship because addiction counselling is more about a comfortable two-way relationship of trust and identification Counselling then becomes significantly more effective
  • It is not easy to mislead a recovering addict — he is (or she) is familiar with the manipulative ways of addicts. The recovered addict knows the common ploys and manipulations of the addict. He (or she) has played the same games and cannot be outwitted by manipulations of addicts. This helps in breaking through the wall of denial

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